Owners often face many challenges when it comes to keeping an investment property well-maintained. Our goal is to make your real estate investment successful and stress-free. We ensure that your property is compliant with state regulations, we leverage the best local vendors, make sure all bills are paid, and address all tenant concerns.


Leasing: Windermere Commercial is a full-time brokerage, offering the services of licensed Washington State Real Estate Brokers.

Marketing:  We organize advertising campaigns for available spaces, keeping vacant days to a minimum.

Competitive Market Analysis: We understand and are alert to changes in our local economy. By regularly researching the market, we are able to set competitive prices for Gross and NNN leases, making sure that our owners’ properties receive their full worth.

If you’re looking for assistance, please contact Joe Michelsen, Julie Wurden Jablonski, Kelly Muldrow, Mark Danielsen or Meagan Stockman.

Property Management

We offer:

  • Strong vendor relations, which translates to lower owner costs
  • Full-charge bookkeeping and comprehensive financial reports
  • Friendly, responsive customer service
  • A proactive field team, West Sound Facilities, LLC, who quickly addresses small maintenance issues with a preventative approach

Customer Service: We are available 24/7, ready to assist our owners and their tenants by phone or e-mail. Every issue is handled in a timely manner. If there’s ever a building issue, we notify our owners and tenants right away so they’re aware of how it may affect the flow of business.

Rent Collection: Monthly statements are sent out to all tenants, and ledgers are updated once we receive rent payments. Aged receivables are available to all owners. We make every attempt to keep tenants up on their rent and offer a tenant portal so they can easily pay online.

West Sound Facilities, LLC

Our experienced facilities staff strives to provide excellence with all building repair, maintenance and compliance needs including the following services:

  • Building Repair: Our experienced facilities team can handle a multitude of repair and maintenance tasks. We also work with multiple service contractors who assist with plumbing, electrical, HVAC, fire/sprinkler and security systems.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Scheduled maintenance is performed on building systems to keep them in good working order. Regular property inspections are conducted to ensure minor issues don’t become major problems.
  • ComplianceRegular maintenance of storm drains, fire alarm & sprinkler systems, elevators and backflow devices keep buildings compliant with local and state regulatory agencies. We regularly maintain certificate of liability insurance records for vendors, sub-contractors, and tenants.
  • Tenant Improvements: We maintain relationships with a network of licensed local sub-contractors and general contractors and provide resources for improvements required to meet any tenant need.
  • Project Management: We excel at delivering cost-effective solutions for large property improvement projects. Managing the contractor bid process through Requests for Proposals (RFPs) with clearly defined scope of work details ensures our property projects get delivered on-time and within budget.


Monthly, Quarterly, and End of Year Reporting: We provide comprehensive accounting and report preparation for all our clients. Receiving accurate and complete information on a timely basis gives our property owners the confidence to respond to all their property investment needs.

Account Maintenance and Reconciliations: We set up bank accounts and maintenance for all owner accounts, including operating, reserve, and deposit accounts. All accounts are balanced and reconciled to cash monthly, though our books are kept in either cash or accrual.